Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Red Mold

This is a picture of red mold. As with other types of mold, red mold can come from water that has been sitting. Most mold is discovered after water has been extracted. Although red mold may look different than stereotypical mold, it is not. Most mold will turn red at some point in it's life depending on the age. 

Mold from the aftermath of Harvey

Hurricane Harvey caused some severe damage to the entire area of Houston and surrounding counties. After rain, flooding and water damage, there was bound to be evidence of mold beginning to grow. In this picture, it shows the mold that began to grow on the ceiling and wall of a commercial building.  

Mold from Hurricane

While our SERVPRO team visited Houston, the heavy rain and flooding caused some additional damage. Our team visited some commercial buildings and addressed what happens sometimes after water damage: mold. This is a picture of a cabinet affected by mold. 

Mold in Closet

This closet had mold on the walls due to a water line leak. The customer rarely used the closet and was unaware anything had happened. Thankfully, our team was there to help by removing all molded areas. 

Mold after Flooding

This is a building in Louisiana that survived a storm but left heavy mold. The mold on the wall was from flooding after a week. The halfway line you see on the wall was how high the water rose up. 

Basement Mold

This is a recent picture of some mold found in our customers basement. We had some heavy storms that caused various need for restoration in our local area. After the water damage took place in this basement, mold surfaced. 

Mold and Water Damage

Can you imagine coming home to this after some time away? This couple returned after a long vacation to find mold behind their fridge. First we removed the molded materials and then set up drying equipment.