Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Mudslides from Flood

Our SERVPRO Storm Team traveled to Virginia on Monday night responding to some flood damage that took place in the area. This photo of a mudslide is the result of severe water damage in the area. Mudslides are the result of a large amount of water impacting the land, and the result is rapid erosion. 

SERVPRO's Busy Weekend

This is one of our Project Managers who worked over the weekend. Kentucky received a ton of rain last week, which meant a busy weekend was to follow. This Project Manager worked all weekend to insure every job was done correctly! It looks as if this is just the start of the bust season with the summer months to come.  

The aftermath of Harvey

This is a picture taken by one of our SERVPRO teammates. It shows the true devastation of the houses in residential areas. Our SERVPRO team is there to help in whatever way they can.   

On the way to Harvey

Over a week ago, Texas was hit by Hurricane Harvey. Many SERVPRO teams traveled to the area to help in any way they could. This photo was taken by a member of our local SERVPRO team on the way to Houston. 

Lexington Storms

This is the beginning of some severe thunderstorms that took place in late June of this year. Our SERVPRO team was on the job for days trying to restore several places in our local area. 

Ballet School Flood Columbia, SC

This job took place in Columbia, South Carolina after several days of heavy rain which caused major flooding. This Ballet school had several feet of standing water when we arrived but was as good as new when the job was done!

Flooding in southern Wisconsin

This was the aftermath of the storms in southern Wisconsin. The areas affected the most were Lake Geneva, Kenosha and Trevor. Our dedicated team has been away working for two weeks. 

Water Backup into Funeral Home

This Funeral home had water backed up into their basement after a storm with heavy rain. We responded the next day and extracted all of the water and sanitized the area so that business could resume as usual.